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Is it a Good Time to Buy DeFiChain Right Now?

Current Price
All Time High: $5.61

DeFiChain is down -82.40653% from its highest price on 2021-12-06.

Avarage Daily Volume: $4,822,750.00

DeFiChain has a daily trading volume of $4,822,750.00 which it will make it super easy for you to sell your holdings of DeFiChain


DeFiChain has 72629 total followers in all its social media accounts.


DeFiChain is listed on 29 exchanges

Price Potential

DeFiChain price value has the potential to increase to $150.05 in the next crypto bull run.
Which may take up to 5 years from now.

Overall Score

Our algorithm believes it's So Good time to invest in DeFiChain right now. We give it all overscore of


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Summary of DeFiChain(DFI):

DeFiChain(DFI) today price is $0.988764, which is down -82.40653% from it's all time high. The avarage daily volume is $4,822,750.00 and you can trade DeFiChain on 29 exchanges.

72629 people are following DeFiChain in all social media accounts.

Our algorithm believes it's So Good time to invest in DeFiChain with confident score of 3.75 out of 5.

What is DeFiChain(DFI)?

DeFiChain is a decentralized blockchain platform dedicated to enable fast, intelligent, and transparent decentralized financial services. Unlike most of the other DeFi projects that are built on the Ethereum network, DeFiChain is built on bitcoin (as a software fork), and is anchored to the bitcoin blockchain (via merkle root) every few minutes for maximum security DeFiChain is designed to be non-Turing complete to reduce smart contract errors (extremely important for finance transactions) and its op codes only allow run decentralized finance dapps. This ensures that only financial transactions are possible, instead of having games and casinos clogging the ecosystem and causing high transaction fees. Upcoming features of the DeFiChain include Decentralized: Lending, Wrapping of Tokens, Pricing Oracles, Exchanges, Transferable Debts and Receivables, Non-Collateralized Debt, Asset Tokenization, Distribution of Dividends, and YIELD FARMING!