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Is it a Good Time to Buy Immutable X Right Now?

Current Price
All Time High: $9.52

Immutable X is down -28.23202% from its highest price on 2021-11-26.

Avarage Daily Volume: $68,400,469.00

Immutable X has a daily trading volume of $68,400,469.00 which it will make it super easy for you to sell your holdings of Immutable X


Immutable X has 158634 total followers in all its social media accounts.


Immutable X is listed on 23 exchanges

Price Potential

Immutable X price value has the potential to increase to $222.57 in the next crypto bull run.
Which may take up to 5 years from now.

Overall Score

Our algorithm believes it's Not So Good time to invest in Immutable X right now. We give it all overscore of


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Summary of Immutable X(IMX):

Immutable X(IMX) today price is $6.82, which is down -28.23202% from it's all time high. The avarage daily volume is $68,400,469.00 and you can trade Immutable X on 23 exchanges.

158634 people are following Immutable X in all social media accounts.

Our algorithm believes it's Not So Good time to invest in Immutable X with confident score of 3.0 out of 5.

What is Immutable X(IMX)?

IMX is the native token for the Immutable X network, the first zk-rollup for NFT on Ethereum.