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Is it a Good Time to Buy IoTeX Right Now?

Current Price
All Time High: $0.255593

IoTeX is down -38.98104% from its highest price on 2021-11-13.

Avarage Daily Volume: $173,686,814.00

IoTeX has a daily trading volume of $173,686,814.00 which it will make it super easy for you to sell your holdings of IoTeX


IoTeX has 210022 total followers in all its social media accounts.


IoTeX is listed on 50 exchanges

Price Potential

IoTeX price value has the potential to increase to $10.15 in the next crypto bull run.
Which may take up to 5 years from now.

Overall Score

Our algorithm believes it's So Good time to invest in IoTeX right now. We give it all overscore of


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Summary of IoTeX(IOTX):

IoTeX(IOTX) today price is $0.155534, which is down -38.98104% from it's all time high. The avarage daily volume is $173,686,814.00 and you can trade IoTeX on 50 exchanges.

210022 people are following IoTeX in all social media accounts.

Our algorithm believes it's So Good time to invest in IoTeX with confident score of 3.75 out of 5.

What is IoTeX(IOTX)?

IoTeX is the auto-scalable and privacy-centric blockchain infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT). IoTeX’s global team is comprised of Ph.Ds in Cryptography, Distributed Systems, and Machine Learning, top tier engineers, and experienced ecosystem builders. IoTeX is developing several in-house innovations to push the frontier of blockchain 3.0, including a blockchains-in-blockchain architecture for heterogeneous computing, lightning fast Roll-DPoS consensus mechanism, and lightweight privacy-preserving techniques. IoTeX is bringing autonomous device coordination to the masses by “connecting the physical world, block by block.” Check out CoinBureau for the complete review of IoTeX.